Namens het waardenetwerk Verslaving en gezonde Leefstijl en het waardenetwerk Internationaal verbinden nodigen we je graag uit voor het volgende internationale webinar:

People In Their Ecosystems: a community and nature approach to mental health care

Mental health results from much more than an individual’s experiences and behavior. We are all part of social ecosystems: our family, friend groups, school/work environment, neighborhood and broader society all influence our thoughts and feelings. And we are all part of the natural ecosystem: nature. Sometimes missing out on it, when living in in urban environments. Sometimes feeling submersed and healed by it, when taking in a mountain view.    

In this webinar we will focus on two topics: 


We are delighted with our speakers, who will bring these topics alive with their research, experiences and ideas. Presentations by Nynke Tromp (Redesigning Psychiatry, Delft University), Raj Mariwala (Mariwala Health Initiative), Ruth Garside (ECEHH, University of Exeter). Chaired by Margreet van der Meer (Tactus Verslavingszorg).