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About us

We aim to connect Dutch and international members and stakeholders to share knowledge, inspire and to work together towards a mentally healthy society.

We do this with the vision that mental health is an integral part of our health and well-being; “No Health Without Mental Health”. We look at mental health from a multi-sectoral approach to promote mental health and well-being. The Hub aims to become a growing and learning network that has an impact, together with its national and international members and stakeholders.

Mission vision

The Dutch Mental Health Hub aims to inspire and ignite a transition towards the following theme’s: mental wellbeing at the center of all policy, a multisectoral approach to promote mental wellbeing throughout the course of life, going against stigma and discrimination in mental health.

The core team

The core team is responsible for building and extending the Dutch Mental Health Hub, bringing across our mission and vision and connecting and inspiring.

Our core members are:

  • Wieteke Beernink (Accare, Mental Health Europe)
  • Jan Berndsen (Blauwe Paard Advies, EAOF, iPH)
  • René Keet (GGZ Noord-Holland-Noord, FIT-academy, EUCOMS, IIMHL)
  • José Bijlholt (OECD)
  • Laura Shields-Zeeman (Trimbos Instituut, Utrecht University, EuroHealthNet)
  • Marjonneke de Vetten (RIVM)
  • Sabien Raams (Emergis, IIMHL, president DIMHH)
  • Vivian Hemmelder (UPC KU Leuven, MHE)
  • Caroline Six (ARQ)
  • Beverley Rose (User Research Centre)
  • Madelon Sinnige (de Nederlandse ggz)